Plant Closure Services

Plant Liquidation Experts
Max Torque Industrial has provided Plant Liquidation services since 1986. We have liquidated over two hundred fifty (250) operating plants worldwide.

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Plant Closure Services

Scrap Metal Processing

MTI is a large national metal processor; we are not a buy-back yard or scrap yard. That means we sort, cut, chop, compact, shear, strip, bale, granulate and shred millions of pounds of scrap metal materials of many different alloys and forms.

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Boneyard Cleanup

Boneyard Cleanup

Is a laydown yard or storage facility in which equipment, machinery and scrap metal materials are held and stored for multiple reasons including but not limited to obsolesce, equipment failure, etc. A boneyard cleanup is a step in the right direction

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Aircraft Engine Scrap

Aircraft Engine Scrap

Scrap aircraft engines can have up to forty (40) different alloys in each engine. We are one of the few companies throughout the globe that un-stacks each engine and separates each alloy by composition utilizing cutting edge XRF technology.

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Boneyard Cleanup

Max Torque Industrial

Max Torque Industrial (MTI) is the one and only dismantling and surplus expert you’ll ever need to call. Our world-class reputation is built on decades of industrial experience, integrity, commitment to the highest standards of customer satisfaction and an impressive track record of successful solutions.

Custom designed solutions ensure that the unique requirements of each project are accomplished in the safest, most efficient and most cost effective manner. No matter how big, small or complex your project, or where it’s located worldwide, we’ve got it covered, from planning through completion.


MTI provides the most cost effective and environmentally responsible dismantling services available and safety is always our highest priority. Our solutions include complete and selective dismantling, with the ability to deconstruct virtually all types of structures and mass transit vehicles, from bridges, buildings and industrial plants to tanks, airplanes, ships and more.


MTI buys and sells a vast range of new and used equipment from all types of industries. Our surplus purchasing capabilities range from individual pieces of equipment to complete plant liquidations and boneyard cleanups.

Metal Recycling

With state-of-the-art technology, MTI has the capability to handle all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. Whether you routinely generate significant scrap or only need recycling services due to occasional boneyard cleanups, MTI can custom design an efficient recycling solution that yields maximum profits for you.

  • Things started out rough as you know with the coating issue. MTI stayed the course and found a solution that was acceptable to everyone. They were also very safety conscious, had and used all the proper PPE and kept me informed of all aspects of the job that they were doing.

    - Valero Terminaling and Distribution Co

  • I went up on the hill today and boy it looks great, thank you to your team for all the hard work up there...

    - Anheuser-Busch

  • The first phase of the job went great, MTI not only got this part of the plant restored back to normal and looking great; but it really saved us lots on the cost of hiring contractors to do this job. We also gained some real estate and revenue. Not to mention it being done in a timely manner and done safely, thanks. Looking forward to working with you in our next project...

    - Ciba Specialty Chemicals

  • On The Job Safety Begins Here

    Without an Accident

Our Facilities
  • Houston, Texas

    Our Houston facility is strategically located within the Manchester Terminal System, the country's largest privately owned shipping port.

    Having our facility located in the port empowers MTI - and you - with access to matchless global shipping possibilities, and safety systems you won't find anywhere else...

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Historic Philadelphia is not only the home of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, where Edgar Allan Poe wrote most of his work, the site of the "White House" from 1790 to 1800 while Philadelphia was the capital of the United States, and where the Declaration of Independence was written, it is also home to Max Torque Industrial’s newest and grandest acquisition.

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